Hi there,

I was looking for a personal brand name that I would be using for this blog. I looked for a nice way to visualize the distance between Sydney and Seville. Sydney is where I’ve lived and worked for the past three years. Seville is just Home. I liked the idea of meridians, even the word itself sounded good to me. When the distance is so far that kilometres or miles doesn’t give you an idea of distance. You slice the orange in pieces and count. But that is the question, how do you know many pieces? Infinite? It is an example of how something continuous and complex is turned into discrete and simple.

This blog is my way of turning complexity into simplicity. How to build software, how to master expertise, how to build a career in SAP, how to live and enjoy your passions and how to balance all that. I hope that putting them in writing will help me and at the same time may help others as well along the journey. Thanks for reading. This is first meridian.


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